Who are we?

We are a team of data specialists based in Trafford, Greater Manchester who are looking to get the most out of the many datasets that exist about Trafford and its people.

We use all sorts of data - open, closed, big and linked - and turn it into intelligence that is used to (re)design services, understand demand and inform citizens. At the same time we are testing and exploring new technologies to improve the way that we do things.

And we are doing all of this in the open. We are making and releasing as much open data as possible, our code is open source and we are blogging and tweeting as we go.

We'll work with pretty much anyone to level-up the common knowledge about Trafford; from students to charities, public sector organisations to SMEs and everyone in-between. If you want to get involved, contact us using the details at the bottom of the page.

Tweets by @TraffInnovation
Protofolio: Stuff in development
Profile | Alpha Release: 16 Mar 2016
The data on this page is being taken live from NOMIS (the Office for National Statistics' data portal for data relating to work, benefits, and the Census). This proof of concept uses the experimental dataset, Claimant Count, which shows the percentage of the working age population of each area who are claiming benefits related to being out of work. Choose a ward to see the data.
School Performance Scatterplot
Visualisation | Alpha Release: 13 Jan 2016
This is an example of a 3D scatterplot that we are developing to support schools in Trafford. Still in prototype phase, we will continue to add functionality, but figured we should make it available for people to comment / improve.

This chart could be very useful for understanding the impact of different factors on school attainment and for clustering schools for benchmarking purposes etc.

Civic Dashboard
Dashboard | Alpha Release: 18 Dec 2015
We are developing a dynamic dashboard which brings together data from lots of sources into one place. This one dashboard will have many views, and automatically pull data from other sources, such as crime data from police.uk.

Have a look and see how it's progressing!
The lab team

To find out more about the members of the lab please take a look at the team profiles page.