Who are the lab people?

As we work on such a variety of different projects in different sectors, we may from time-to-time bring in experts to assist us. However, the following people are the core lab members.

James Austin
James Austin I am the coder of the team, developing our mapping/data visualisation tools and furthering our knowledge and integration of Open Data. I have been working at Trafford Council since 2006 as a performance analyst for education attainment data. Prior to joining Trafford I worked as a web applications developer for 8 years on a diverse range of projects from e-commerce to content management systems. My role in the lab draws on my skills and experience from both backgrounds, giving me a good understanding of both the technical and data sides of the work we do.
Paul Westland
Paul Westland I'm a data innovation specialist with specialisms including data handling, manipulation and visualisation and have worked for Trafford in various guises for the past six years, providing data support on a range of projects. I've spent the last couple of years growing our InfoTrafford site to inform and educate Trafford's stakeholders on local and national data, providing detailed analysis and corporate project recommendations to drive decision making processes. My skills include data manipulation and visualisations using Business Object reporting software and Visual Studio, geocoding spatial data with MapInfo and a growing knowledge of JavaScript and HTML. I'm very much driven by the open data ethos and strive to make Trafford's data freely available where possible.